LEAD Constructions is one of the founding companies of the Titanium group. It was created in 2006 from a meeting between Stève Guépratte, works supervisor, and Toni Autiéri, then in charge of projects and customer relations. Together they have been regular partners on prestigious sites in Geneva and have built a solid reputation around the quality, responsiveness and dynamism of their services. Now headed by Stève Guépratte, LEAD Constructions serves as a unique contact between Titanium and architects or corporate project managers. LEAD Constructions has contributed significantly to the success of Titanium and occupies a central place in the group.

LEAD Constructions

LEAD Constructions is a general construction company that provides works management services, structural work and finishing work for industrial projects, commercial clients and individuals. By pooling Titanium's resources and employees, LEAD Constructions ensures an immediate start of work, eliminating the inertia that too often accompanies complex projects. The service provided by LEAD Constructions also includes reliable tracking after delivery, showing a commitment to safety, quality workmanship and longevity.
LEAD Constructions offers turnkey solutions for industrial projects built on respect for deadlines, budgets, quality and transparency.