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The Titanium Swiss Group was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2014. It brings together companies active in the multiple sectors of construction and provides them with all the resources necessary to give their clients complete satisfaction. Our Group is run in the spirit of a family business, with positive human values at its heart. We strive to ensure the long-term development of each of our companies while allowing them to maintain their own identities and independence. Titanium is the only group in Geneva to unite the 24 construction trades. From architecture,the management and direction of works to plastering, metal work, partitions and interior decoration, our combined expertise enables us to deliver every phase of a construction project. Together, our companies count 150 collaborators, who are masters in their respective fields and perform their work with passion, creativity and innovativeness.

We are bound by our common goal of delighting clients with each project.

Titanium Swiss Group
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Our Companies Include

Lead Construction Trisax Trisax France NG Expertise Progenie Swiss ID France ID A4 VP

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Route de Saint-Julien 259, 1258 Perly, Geneva Switzerland