Did you know ?

Titanium Swiss Group is aware that its activity is directly linked to the environment. We are therefore looking for solutions to limit the impact of our energy footprint.

We manage our activities in compliance with environmental regulations and we are committed to 4 main actions.

Today we inform you about the implementation of these actions.



Preventing pollution risks


Titanium Swiss Group

“Our desire and wish is to protect the environment of the construction sites.

This means reducing odour and noise pollution, keeping the site clean, managing waste ….

But also to manage our facilities and operating sites in a sustainable way.

This includes the prevention of possible pollution and waste separation.”


Reducing the impact of our activities



“To achieve this, there are 3 solutions.

Reducing fuel consumption by optimising our travel and working methods during our interventions.

Favouring innovative trucks and equipment that allow us to reduce our fossil fuel consumption.

To make strategic choices regarding our subcontractors and suppliers with the same environmental expectations as the group.”


Making waste a resource



“Moving from a waste logic to a resource logic.

This includes the promotion of material recovery or the production of renewable energy from collected waste.

Indeed, for each type of waste, it is necessary to look at the treatment process in place, its value as a new resource and the issues directly linked to the waste or its treatment processes.”


Raise awareness, train and advise all stakeholders



“We want to support our clients in taking into account their needs.

The idea is to direct them towards a virtuous environmental approach by providing them with advice on good practice.

Involve our subcontractors, suppliers and partners in our commitments.

To make each employee an ambassador for our environmental policy.

Let’s act together today for tomorrow !”


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Published on 15 June 2021